International Marketing Strategies

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International Marketing Strategies in India: An Application of Mixed Method Investigation Prathap Oburai and Michael J Baker

Executive Summary

KEY WORDS International Marketing Strategy Grounded Theoretic KEY WORDS Approach Privatization Case Research Methodology Indian Banking

Internationalization drives and export orientation are prominent in the organizational strategies of a number of leading Indian firms and multinationals located in India. This is a significant indicator of the growing competitiveness of firms, industries, and the nation. This paper examines the sources of competitive advantage in a few selected sectors and firms and explores the internationalization possibilities and potential. International marketing strategies are complex and tend to vary widely across nations, industries, and firms. The elements that form the ingredients of international strategies are numerous and their importance is tightly interwoven to contexts. With a view to enrich the existing body of international marketing theory, the authors investigate the international marketing strategies adopted in 12 different business sectors in India in an attempt to explore and explain the similarities and differences found in this varied set of industries. The examples span the old economy industries such as the assembly and manufacturing enterprises that are both skill-and capital-intensive and also the new economy sectors that are information-intensive. This study is exploratory in nature and offers a classification scheme using case research methodology, grounded theory approach, and modeling techniques. The five-cluster classification (visual map) may prove to be useful in many strategic and tactical ways. This classification scheme or typology can influence both the design and the execution of international marketing strategies. This schema may also offer empirical support to strategic management theories that focus on diversification into related businesses downstream. Another key contribution of the paper is the application of a combination of methodologies that yields new insights. A third contribution is the formulation of a link to quantification and modeling to enable qualitative researchers to lend analytical rigour in their attempts at theory generation. On the practical front, marketers can leverage the understanding gained from using the classification scheme contained in this study in designing and implementing international marketing strategies by paying appropriate attention to important dimensions in order to achieve desired outcomes. A few managerial implications of the study are as follows: International marketing requires a multi-faceted strategic approach. Continuous value creation and delivery should be the focus of strategies. Flexibility is as important as commitment. The 12 variables identified in the study should be examined to look for harmonious balance and their ability to continue to provide competitive edge. Thinking in terms of the 12 variables and/or their underlying dimensions individually and collectively while formulating and implementing international marketing strategies can help managers uncover the similarities and differences across business sectors. The suggested typology helps in revealing connections that bind businesses across disparate sectors using a holistic approach that encompasses different aspects of international marketing strategies. Note: This paper is a revised version of a paper presented at the Academy of Marketing Conference held in July 2005 at the Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland.

Multi-dimensional Efficiency Mapping Performance




oday, Indian firms are more international than ever before (Seshabalaya, 2005)....
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