International Marketing

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International Comparative Economics

Lecturers: dr Łukasz Olipra, dr Iwo Augustyński

The deadline for submission of projects – 13 May 2013

A grade for active participation during classes will be issued at the end of the semester on the basis of presentation of economic system of choosen country and points (pluses) allocated to each student at the end of each lesson and participation in the lectures. Students are required to read materials provided for lessons during semester. Students are welcome to take part actively in the classes sharing opinion, presenting their own thoughts and giving examples. Students are also welcome to take part in a work group (workshop) during classes on particular rankings and ratings or other topics.

Instructions and guidelines for carrying out projects

1. Present the background of the problem; general characteristics of the issue (problem), measures and indicators normally used to assess a given phenomenon as well as factors determining the superiority of a given country over others in the area concerned.

In the case of projects involving assessment of the country's attractiveness for investment locations provide (describe briefly) what factors influence the location of foreign investment, and what are the criteria used to assess the country's attractiveness for investment locations. In the case of projects concerning the assessment process of systemic transformation, describe briefly the starting point (the economic situation for specific countries at the start of the transition process) and the basic assumptions of reform programs and their types in different countries, etc.

2. Choose indicators and criteria (minimum 7) for evaluation and comparisons of countries. Justify the selection!

3. Using the chosen criteria and indicators, assess and compare the countries concerned in the project. Comparisons and evaluation may be presented by way of description, summary tables, rankings, graphs, charts ...

A comparative aspect should feature in the work. It cannot only be a description of additional countries in accordance with established evaluation criteria. Rather, it is desirable to analyze the layout of other criteria (metrics) and to describe the condition of the individual countries in the given area and a comparative analysis of the criterion

4. Analyze statements from point nr 3 above and answer the question given in the topic of the project (select the country for an investment location, select the country where the transformation processes are most effective, etc.) Justify the answer!

The analysis may rely on the creation of a ranking for the countries concerned based on accepted criteria and evaluation carried out in point no. 3 above. A descriptive method may be used, as well as simple statistical methods (rankings, giving weights to individual indicators, etc.)

Project requirements

1. The project is implemented by 4-person groups

2. Volume: undefined (no more than 30 pages, perfect is ca. 20 pages if it is enough to descried the topic and give an answer)

3. Formal requirements:

- the use of footnotes in the format:

- labeling of tables – above the table, labeling of the diagrams - below the diagrams;

- below the tables, graphs, diagrams… etc. give the source from where the table, graph…., etc.. was taken. In the case of self-authorship you should use the following label: own work based on data from the ... ... (specify the data source.)

- when quoting or reproducing information from a web site, the website address and the date when this site was used should be given (eg, state on (date))

- lists of tables, figures, and bibliography should be included at the end of the paper.

- please divide the project into sections / chapters / subchapters in order to obtain a...
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