Unit 38:International Business D2

Topics: Petroleum, Waste, Medicine Pages: 4 (1292 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Task 2c: Evaluate the impact of cultural differences on international business performance in the international market D2

In your evaluation you must consider how issues such as health, welfare, social considerations, environmental issues and belief system Environmental issues that affect their business operation include industrial waste, sustainable development of raw materials and water and air emissions. Most times when businesses are trading internationally, these issues affect business because the laws in which they operate sometimes require businesses to change equipment they use and adjust their former procedures to meet imposed standards, which sometimes is at a financial expense to the business. NNPC takes on a stricter change in an effort to preserve the environment in which they trade in and in doing so they Stopped using dangerous products that is harmful to the environment, they Stopped burning wastes especially non-biodegradables they also encouraged other big industries against producing too much carbon into the atmosphere. 

due to the fact that NNPC is into oil production, and during the manufacturing process, they manufacturing waste. And trading internationally means that there are laws that prohibit an unlawful dumping of waste products, they also decided that the best way to dispense their waste product was to recycle and they also sold some of the waste to other manufacturers who use it in their own manufacturing processes as raw material. Oil is can sometimes spill on water which causes pollution which is also an environmental issue and also Chemicals used to treat or clean up oil spills may further contaminate water supplies. NNPC has made sure they Prevent water pollution in China because Oil is one of the largest polluters of water in the world and it is estimated that just the transportation of oil is responsible for .0001 percent of oil contamination in water. They made sure that they are not adding to this problem by repairing...
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