Interculture Communication

Topics: Island, Rainbow, Sky Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: April 27, 2013
My poster illustrate different islands in a blue sky background, each island represent one of our team member. The basement of the island is the picture of different city, it means we come from different country and we have different background. We looks similar, but totally different. We flying in the sky, we look forward our future can be better. The rocket is our team goal; we wish our team could have the power to launch a rocket. For now, the rocket means the exhibition in Leeds; we finally have the chance to explain our idea there. So I think we are successful in this semester. As you can see, the rainbow is linked but also we work individually, we have different color, landmark and atmosphere.

The rainbow is the most important part in my poster. Our group name is Spectrum, rainbow also have the sever color. So the first meaning of rainbow is it is like our group which linked us together. Without the rainbow, we are individual and nothing connected together. Secondly, the rainbow means the intercultural communication aspect which I think is the most important. This is the way of talking, because it is the basic skill we need to have. We have different mother language, so English is the only tool we can use. But we are not good at English, so we need help. Without communicate we cannot understand each other, not even mention work together. There are many different ways of solve this problem such as body language, pictures, or translate software. We think body language and pictures are the most useful ways.

I believe I can be the biggest island in the middle, because I am the team leader. I have 3 years of working experience, and I have leaded a small design group before. So I can handle some trough situation. But I need the entire team’s co-operation. My personal learning contract analysis shows my first result is shaper. This means I can be a team leader and I have ability to lead the team. I can motivate team member and make them work better. But my...
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