Intercast Marriages

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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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This is a very sensitive topic. 
I do not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings and emotions and also it is not directed to anyone.  Its just my view point which i thought i will share. Nothing personal with anyone. I respect all the parents,their children and their decisions.  

Well I personally am not against inter cast marriages. WHY? I have heard that God is one (well people say so but when it comes to marriages they contradict their own statement). I do not say that you should intentionally choose your life partner belonging to a different religion. But love sees no religion. It just happens and the people who have been in love can only understand it. When we were kids we were taught that there should be no discrimination between people. All should be treated equally. But I don’t know why when it comes to marriage most of the parents are strictly against it. Yes ideally the situation according to most of the parents is that their son/daughter gets married with someone from the same caste. And there is nothing wrong in it. But if they fall in love with someone from a different caste then what is the problem? Now where have the principles gone which u taught us in our childhood? Did your child commit  a blunder? No my dear parents. She/he just did what her/his heart told them to do. Yes I completely agree that parents are absolutely right but so are their children. What actually gives rise to a conflict between the two is the generation gap. And it will always remain there. It will be even between us and our children. But how do you handle this type of situation actually depends from person to person. Some just do not listen to their children and threat them to leave their love and marry someone of their choice. Some try to listen to the situation and then slowly and slowly try to mould their child to get out of it. Then there are some who accept the fact because they know that nothing can be done. So they happily accept their child’s decision. Some are with a...
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