Interracial Marriages

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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Rebecca Rizk
Jessica Pearce
English 1100I
Wenesday, October 31, 2012

Black-White Interracial Couples: Negative effects of racial discrimination on marital quality
There is no reason why interracial couples cannot be happily married just like same race couples. The more society grows, the more interracial couples multiply. As interracial couples multiply, the more racial discrimination is present, which leads to marital failures. The negative effects of racial discrimination on marital quality of black-white couples will influence the amount of social support, the communication between partners and, the divorce rates relating to economics. The effects of racial discrimination on marital quality of Black-White interracial couples will be examined, where interracial marriages is defined as two individuals of different race united by marriage and racial discrimination being defined where society distinguishes the racial difference between the couple as not acceptable. Discrimination plays a significant role in determining the outcome of marital quality of interracial marriages. One of the most common ways discrimination is linked to affect marital quality is the lack of social support couples receive (Hendricksen & Watts, 1999). Just like anything you set your mind to do, without support of your surroundings, many will find it difficult to follow through. Strong social support plays a very valuable role in the success of interracial couples. When social support is diminished, this will limit the social resources in mixed-race marriages, such as community, family and workplace involvement (Kilian, 2002). Family is one of the most important support systems seeked by interracial couples, due to the stress of family gatherings. Mc Namara et. al (1999), found that the stress of deciding to enter into an interracial marriage and the discrimination experienced in society makes these couples need familial support even more than same race couples....
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