Intel Case Analysis

Topics: Brand, Marketing, Advertising Pages: 4 (1293 words) Published: March 3, 2011
1.0 Overview
Intel the Microprocessor giant was started in the year 1968, their initial venture was to make a semiconductor computer memory by integrating large number of transistors into silicon chips. They created a revolution in the PC industry, by creating a bench mark and reengineered their processes to shift their focus from the saturated PC dominated industry to the Internet Communications World. From time to time many marketing tactics and strategies were implemented in order to create brand equity and to carve a niche image in the consumer’s mind. These campaigns were carried out successfully and the intended output was gained most of the time. 2.0 Key Marketing Actions

Affirmative action has been portrayed in order to position and strengthen their position and the brand Intel in the consumer’s mind in order to garner hype and buzz. The key actions that were taken were:

* To get OEM’s to include their logo in their advertising campaign and Intel Inside sponsored advertising and promotions to build equity for their logo. * Intel’s “P5” or “Pentium” branding operation. Intel Inside and OEM Support

Effective communication is the key to build and promote a brand. Intel’s initial brand campaign had the Intel logo with the tag line “The Computer Inside”, which went well with the consumers of the English nations. But it was complex to be used worldwide; therefore to maintain uniformity worldwide Dennis Carter changed it to “Intel Inside” that clearly stated to the consumer that it is the Intel inside the PC. By this virtue the new logo- a swirl with “Intel Inside” -placed the company and its name directly in front of the consumer. Intel offered computer manufacturers rebates between 30 to 50 percent of the cost of a print ad when they included the Intel Inside logo and up to a maximum of 3 percent of the cooperating company’s Intel processor purchases. This was well accepted by the third tier manufacturers and after much anticipation the first...
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