Instructional Design

Topics: Agile software development, Extreme Programming, Lean software development Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Training Basics of Agile Methodologies to New Hire Employees Mid-term project proposal
Team members: Madhu Bachwani and Mahesh Sambu
Instructional Design I
Dr. Yun Jeong Park
October 10, 2012

* Introduction
Agile is a conceptual framework for undertaking projects in any field that is designed to promote agility. Agile is about continuous improvement. The various Agile methodologies share the same characteristics and practices. However, from an implementation standpoint, each has its own terminologies, tactics, and practices. Some of the popular methodologies are Scrum, Lean and Kanban Software Development, Extreme Programming, Crystal and Feature-Driven Development. This paper will elaborate the most popular methodologies and pick the ones that have the utmost success rate. Analysis of a survey will help determine the successes and failures of methodologies. Working professionals who have experience in working with Agile are eligible participants for the survey.

New Hire employees may join a company through strategic outsourcing deals, acquisitions, or through traditional hiring approaches such as college or professional hires. The new employees will be trained in Agile in order to enhance their productivity. They should be equipped with skills to do their work efficiently so they can have a positive impact on business’ effectiveness.

Prior Knowledge of Topic Area:
Agile Methodologies is a course designed for the current, future software professionals and management professionals who are interested in developing and testing skills. Software professionals should have a basic knowledge of the methodologies and they should possess basic understanding of concepts of Agile theories to operate the Agile toolbox. Entry Behavior:

Audience Entry behavior is tested by selecting a set of testing techniques amongst the training population to ensure that their entry behavior knowledge, skills and abilities match the targeted level of instruction....
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