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Capital Project

Capital assets are generally purchased to improve quality of care, or to provide needed equipment for a new service or expansion of an existing service. The key element in capital budgeting is that the building or piece of equipment being acquired has a lifetime that extends beyond the year of purchase and it is a capital asset or long-term investment for the hospital. Capital assets are good financial investments for the organization.(Finkler, Ward, & Baker, 2007). The Electronic health record software system is one of the important operational priorities in the US healthcare. The change from paper-based record system to electronic record system supported by technologies and help for reducing errors and improving quality of care based on best practice. (Song, McAlearney, Lausanne, Robbins, & McCullough, 2011). Research a capital purchase of software for filing patient records costing more than $5000 Health care organizations have invested heavily in computer technology. The health care organizations use computer technology and electronic health record in the actual delivery of care and to support clinical areas. The four principal uses of computers for nursing are for general information, clinical applications, research, and financial management.(Finkler, Ward, & Baker, 2007). The health care organizations are in the process of major transformation, and becoming more complex. It is very important to maintain the safety of patient and to provide high quality care. (Ting, Tsang, Ip, & Ho, 2011). The electronic health record system is considered as a means of technological efficiency to reduce the cost in healthcare organization. The need for EHR in healthcare organization is based on certain evidences like, It supports guideline-based care, increased patient monitoring, act as an efficient technological tool for effective communication in areas related to patient care, and improves coordination of care(Song, McAlearney, Lausanne, Robbins, & McCullough, 2011).The electronic health record system act as an easy access for medical literature and it is considered as a fast access system due to the effective utilization of information technology and enhances the healthcare efficiency system. (Hillestad, 2005). Employee development

The computer software and electronic health record advances will continue to evolve and that computer use by staff nurses will become commonplace in most healthcare organizations. In the long run this will likely increase the quality of patient care due to more accurate and timely information, while creating at least some efficiency in the use of nursing time. This should release more nurse time for patient care. (Finkler, Ward, & Baker, 2007). Computerization should work both to reduce nursing shortage and to increase nursing satisfaction. The health care organizations struggle to allocate sufficient funds for information system implementation, maintenance, and upgrade. The computerization of the nursing units has been a potential solution for nursing shortage. (Finkler, Ward, & Baker, 2007). Management goals

The EHR implementation and governance are related to each other and it is mainly focus on the mission, vision, and behavior related to the management. The decision and action from managers level management is very essential factor for the effective purchase of EHR. (Jarvenpaa & Ives, 1991). The support system in the organization related to EHR implementation helps to support and motivate the employees in difficult situation related to the technical failure of the system. (Miller & Sim, 2004). The successful implementation of EMR depends upon the team and technology of the organization. Team refers to people and issues related with organization. The technology related to the choice of the software, hard ware, and design set up of the organization to meet the implementation process. The main components of implementation...
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