Institute of Leadership and Management Level 5 Award Module 1

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I am undertaking the Institute of Leadership & Management Level 5 Award as an employee of Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service (LF&RS) in my role as Delivery Partner Manager of the Prince’s Trust Team programme.

The organisation sees the importance of training its staff and particularly middle managers, all of whom have also undertaken seven Getting It Right performance management modules.

The organisation in relation to its purpose and its statekholders

Identify your organisation and describe its purpose

Fire and Rescue Services in the United Kingdom are established under legislation which dates back to 1947. Following a review of the Fire Service in July 2004 the Fire and Rescue Services Act became law and it has brought about a number of reforms to achieve modernisation.

This has meant a shift in emphasis from responding to protecting and preventing.

Responsibilities are laid out in the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004 and the Fire and Rescue National Framework 2008-2011. Other duties are required to be carried out under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 with other emergency services and agencies.

Our mission statement - making communities safer - tells us why we are here. It makes sure that everything we do to achieve our vision is in line with our reason for being here. Everything we do is with that in mind. The vision is where we are going – we aim to help create safer communities in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

LF&RS has published a 3 year strategic plan “Our Plan: 2009-2012. This contains the vision, aims and objectives over the next 3 years. In conjunction with this is an Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) which is a strategic document setting out our approach to risk management through our prevention, protection and response arrangements. Prior to publication they are both sent out to stakeholders for consultation.

Explain your organisation’s structure, functional areas and managerial roles in relation to its purpose The Fire and Rescue Service is managed on behalf of the Combined Fire Authority (which is made up of 17 Councillors from across the service area and from the 3 main political parties) by the Chief Fire and Rescue Officer, who also acts as Chief Executive. There are four Directorates:

Community Safety
Organisational Development
Corporate Resources
Finance and Corporate Risk
Together they form the Corporate Management Board (CMB).
Below the CMB is the Senior Management Team (SMT) which consists of heads of departments, known as Area Managers. The SMT’s role is to advise the CMB on future policy and strategy development. In addition, they are responsible for the delivery of the service development and improvement programme. LF&RS are very keen to show that there is a “golden thread” which traces the vision through to the front line staff. This is promulgated via Middle Managers and Watch Managers’ seminars, together with information on our intranet, known as Sharepoint. It is also important that objectives set in employees’ appraisals are linked to the overall mission. The objectives are also the basis of the Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) which departments use to formulate their Local Risk Management Plan (LRMP). Organisations are structured in different ways depending on their objectives, systems and procedures, and culture. Structures can and need to evolve in order to meet changing circumstances. The following diagram shows the structure of Leics Fire & Rescue Service: [pic]

Looking at the structure it initially appears to be hierarchical, however nothing appears quite as it seems and several structures are apparent: Tall
The SMT lends itself to a tall structure as Team Leaders report to a Group...
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