Instant Noodles

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Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Hons)

Presented by

Zaishahrizal Zamani

Without the assistance of a number of people, this research could not have been completed. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people:

Dr. Klaus Solberg Søilen, the supervisor of the authors, we really appreciate him for his patience and high efficiency in guiding us on the right track in the research. Mr. Anders Nilsson, dean of school of management, with his great help, the author could extend the visa and finish the education of Blekinge Institute of Technology.

Special thanks to Mr. Peng Zhang, for his support and help during our study. The authors also want to thank all the lecturers and staff in the department (MAM) for guiding us to obtain the fresh knowledge which will be useful in our future career. Mr. Gexin Wang, the general marketing manager of the Hualong Group, who showed great interest and gave us many help with the research. All staff in market department of the Hualong Group, with the help of them, the authors could finish the questionnaire survey. All the respondents who answered the questionnaire, the authors thank for their time and concern.

In the end, we would like to say thanks to our family. Mama and papa, thank you for your support and assistance all the time. We love you very much.


This study aims to understand consumer preference relating to the instant food in Malaysian market. Moreover, this paper seeks to investigate the trend and pattern of instant food consumption and the importance of various factors affecting the choice of instant food among the students of Taylor’s University (“the students”). Findings suggest that expenditure for instant food mostly goes to instant noodles is the least. Moreover, food safety, speed in delivery and food taste suitability has been found as the main influential factors for purchasing the instant food. On the contrary, quality, freshness, easy to cook and cleanliness are the second priority. Furthermore, ‘Halal’ status has been indicated as the most important factor for the Muslim consumers. Survey method using convenience sampling has been carried out for conducting this study.

Keywords – Consumer preference, Instant Food consumption, Malaysian Behavior Students

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