Instant Messaging Management Trend Brief

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Instant Messaging

Management Trend brief

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Instant Messaging (IM) is a technology that allows instant communication between employees and customers in the workplace. It can be utilized to improve the efficiency of communication where employees work remotely from each other. Once viewed primarily as a communication medium used by teenagers, IM has matured into a viable communication tool for all businesses, small to large as part of a social networking and collaboration strategy. According to the Second Annual AP-AOL Instant Messaging Trends Survey, 27 percent or one in every four adults, use IM at work. In addition, many IM technologies include both video chat and video conferencing. However, although IM offers many benefits, it also introduces the potential for a number of negatives and risks which must be addressed with employees in order to provide an efficient and effective communication system. All implications must be considered before instituting a company wide IM system. The following sections outline some of the pros and cons associated with IM.


• More Efficient Communication
IM is more efficient because workers can communicate instantly and remain in constant contact without the delays associated with waiting for email messages. It also avoids the unnecessary small talk that occurs with phone calls as well as the tiring game of phone tag associated with voicemail. • Improved Collaboration

IM provides a means for remote teams of employees to communicate and collaborate. Many IM solutions provide not only traditional IM clients but also Video chat including the ability to share desktop applications and virtual whiteboards. • Fewer Interruptions

Phone, email, and in person visits are typically more time consuming than IM communication. IM communication can typically be done without completely stopping tasks performed by a participant which is a departure from the disruptive and time consuming work stoppages associated with answering phone calls and face to face conversation which frequently devolves into small talk. • Improved Customer Service

IM allows customers to interact with customer service in real time to address issues instantly. It also allows customer service workers instant access to others resources such as managers and area experts to request information while the customer is online. This serves to reduce customer response time and increases the quality of the overall customer experience. • Cost Effective

IM saves the travel expenses required for remote teams to collaborate as well as some travel costs associated with conducting meeting with customers. Remote employees and customers can conduct meeting and collaborate on documents all in real time without the need to travel to other offices.


• Legal Risk
The casual nature of IM communication can lead employees to type inappropriate remarks which can cause legal issues especially those associated with discrimination, harassment and the sharing of confidential information about clients and co-workers. Companies are at risk under the legal principle of vicarious liability for the actions of their employees if someone sends an instant message that triggers a sexual harassment complaint, a trademark infringement lawsuit, or other claim. Employees should be reminded that all IM exchanges should remain professional and appropriate. They should also be made aware that they should have no expectation of privacy in IM communication and that all exchanges are discoverable as evidence in legal proceedings. Therefore, it is important that the business properly retains and archives their employee’s IM messages....
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