“Instant Information, Instant Gratification”

Topics: Journalism, Mass media, Newspaper Pages: 4 (1627 words) Published: May 14, 2013
“Instant Information, Instant Gratification”
With the constant changing landscape of today’s world, it is hard to accurately imagine what will come for humans in the future years. It goes without being said that technology, cars, education and forms of communication will be completely altered in even just a few years’ time. These changes are particularly relevant in regards to the ones in media and journalism. Many mediums of news sources will be out of style or seemingly obsolete in ten or fifteen years’ time. These changes are already seen in the dying down of print newspaper production and the rush to the Internet to receive and put out prominent information. As members of the journalism world, we must be able to follow these new advances and be fully prepared to hold our own when what we have known for years as the popular ways to receive and send information becomes completely wiped out, heading down a road of the unknown of the future of journalism as we know it.

According to The Guardian, 166 print newspapers have vanished over the course of a two-year span, from 2008 to 2010. Though there are hundreds of newspapers and magazines in circulation, taking a 166 hit to the industry is quite a large one. The population of the United States is changing; gone are the days when sitting at the breakfast table, coffee in hand, with a newspaper sprawled out in front of you is valued. Most young children of this day and age will be lucky if they even see their parents flick through the news channels on the television, let alone take the time to sit and read a paper. This all stems from the notion that people in today’s world want information as quickly as possible with as little effort as they can exert. They also value concise information, so that the point gets across with reading as little as they possibly can. It may be because of a shortened attention span, or because of all the aspects of social media and networking our society has developed....
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