Inspired and Motivate

Topics: Superman, English-language films, Stan Lee Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Inspired and motivate
There are many think that I inspired and motivate me like movies, music, stories and bands like Oasis, The Beatles and many other. I was really thing about it and I started to think and the one that inspired me the most is not a band, not a directed he is not even real. When I was a kid I all way like these character my mom us to by me comic books about this superhero. The one that inspired me was a fiction character that live in the planted called krypton. He is faster then a speeding built more powerful then a loco motive, he could just a building in a single bounds it’s a bride is a plan its SUPERMAN. When I was a kid I really wanted to be like Superman. This chartered inspired me to become a better person because superman is a good person and help out anyone and that’s what I do. I all ways help out or try to help out everyone who needs help I even help out the people that I don’t even like just like superman. Superman some time help out Lex Luther, his nemeses, when he is in danger or about to die he all ways helps Lex. This character motivate me because superman is the nice superhero on the comic book world he cares about the people and the cool thing about his is that he has superpower and he use it for good. I don’t have superpower but I all ways nice to people. He even motivates me to try my best and never give up. I follow his stats because I am disabled have trouble reading and writing when I was a kid I always wanted to read his comic book and it motivated me to read his book over the years I becomes a better reader (which my reading is not that great but I still try to read) and to this day I still buy superman comic book and other comic book. This superhero motivated me to become the person I am today.
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