Inner City Decline in Park Hill

Topics: Urban decay, Slum, Listed building Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: October 2, 2012
Using an example you have studied, describe and explain the causes and consequences of inner city decline. (10) One cause of inner city decline in Park Hill in Sheffield was the back to back slum houses that were present there in the 1800s. Diseases such as cholera were easily spread due to such dense housing. The housing was closely packed and was unsanitary which consequently lead to disease and poor quality of life for people; thus demonstrating inner city decline.. A consequence of the unsanitary, poor conditions was regeneration. This occurred after the Slum Clearance Act of 1930, which gave the local authorities the ability to improve housing. Due to the Slum Clearance Act the back to back houses were demolished in 1939. Regeneration was put into place so to provide housing in the area of Park Hill. The architects proposed an imaginative, innovative solution, addressing the visual impact and social issues of ‘high-rise’. The 'streets in the sky' were built in the 1960s.Housing was provided which fulfilled people’s needs. Covered decks/walkways linked all of the flats so to create a sense of community. On the ground floor shops, pubs, laundry facilities, a chapel, schools and play areas were present which further enhanced Park Hill’s sense of community and meant that to begin with the residents of Park Hill were happy with their homes. However, within 20 years conditions had once again deteriorated, not perhaps to slum-like conditions but Park Hill did suffer inner city decline once more. Despite Park Hill being labelled a Grade II listed building in 1998 many of the residents who had previously been happy saw Park Hill as an eyesore and in need to serious renovation. Crime has increased dramatically throughout Park Hill’s history. The walkways, known as the ‘streets in the sky’ became less of a happy, community atmosphere and instead became known for mugging and other crimes. This shows Park Hill as an area which despite renovation has turned back into a...
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