Cih Level 3 Assignment 4

Topics: Real estate, Public housing, Affordable housing Pages: 13 (3986 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Mark Cooper
CIH Level 3
March 2013

Assignment 3
Report on Provisions of Affordable Housing

1. Aim
2. Housing
3. Housing Deprivation
4. Urban Policy
5. Stock by Tenure
6. LGA Housing Stock
7. Right to Buy Entitlement
8. Community Stability & Regeneration
9. Accessibility of Affordable Housing
10. Accessing Affordable Housing
11. Conclusion

Information Report:
Economic Factors Affecting Policy and Provision of Affordable Housing

Mark Cooper
25th March 2013

This report aims to examine and show how economic factors and housing policy have affected provision of affordable housing in Dundee from mid 1900’s to present day. It will show evolution of provision, regeneration, accessibility to affordable housing and social exclusions affecting neighbourhoods and communities within the City of Dundee.

Housing policy is usually analysed in economic terms, as a form of market. In theory, markets lead to efficient allocation through a complex process of matching supply and demand. This depends on competition, good information, the existence of multiple suppliers and the existence of multiple purchasers. In housing, this theory has limited application. * Market Closure. Housing production and finance are dominated by a few major players. * The Impact of Space. Location is acutely important in the housing market; there cannot, because of it, be perfect information and full and free competition. * Externalities. Housing both affects the environment and is affected by it. * Credit allocation. The housing market is paid for mainly by borrowing, which has to be based on predictions of future value. * Uncertainty. Because the future is uncertain, so is the housing market. Regulation and intervention are important to reduce uncertainty. * Market Volatility. Prices are dominated by a limited part of the market - those who are buying and selling property at any time.

3.Housing and deprivation
Many of the key issues in deprivation are housing issues. The Breadline Britain surveys, identifying what people thought of as 'essential', came up with answers like a damp free home, heating, indoor toilet, the use of a bath, home decoration, having enough beds and refrigeration, the last two depending on space. Dundee council have made provision with evolution in policy and strategy since their installation in 1975, in order to fully facilitate the ever changing needs of its residents, communities and neighbourhoods. Prior to 1975 Dundee was classified a county within a city which was under management of the Tayside region elected councillors.

Within Dundee, deprivation is often concentrated. Slum estates occur in both the private and the public sectors. In the private sector, poor people are brought together through the market, those least able to exercise choice end up in the places least to be chosen. The same is true, to some extent, of the public sector. Where applicants for social housing are allowed a choice, the people most able to exercise that choice are those who have the highest incomes and the best housing previously. They are the ones who can wait for a better offer. Social segregation by housing officers has contributed to this process in the past, but it equally happens in the private sector where there this has not happened. However, deprivation is not only concentrated. Most poor people do not live in poor areas, and most of the people who live in these areas are not poor.

4.Dundee Council Housing and Urban Policy
Housing in Dundee is commonly classified according to tenure. The main tenures are owner-occupation, local authority housing, registered social landlords (including housing associations and stock transfers), and private rented housing. Since the beginning of the 20th century, there has been a major change in tenure. Owner occupation has grown from 10% to 67% of the stock. Private renting...
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