Informative Speech Study Drugs and College Students

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  • Published : June 8, 2011
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Informative Speech
Study Drugs and College Students

I. Introduction

A.Attention Getter: "I reached into my backpack, grabbed an Adderall, and went to the bathroom. I smashed it on the bathroom sink and snorted it. I went back to my class and zipped through the rest of my exam, and it made all the difference." This student incident was found in a 2005 article published by Baylor University on the alarming use of “study drugs.” B.Thesis: Many of you may be unfamiliar with such a topic, so today I will cover the mysterious world of study drugs and the hidden dangers associated with them. C.Significance to Audience: Most of us are here because we all want to transfer to the best school as possible. And we will do whatever it takes. But drugs? Some of you might be tempted, and I’m here to present the facts of both the positive and negatives of such behavior. D.Overview: I will now proceed to define what a study drug is, the various types, why people use them, and what the dangers are.

II. Body:

A.Main Point: First off, I’d like to define what exactly a study drug is. 1.Sub Point: Duke University’s pharmacology professor Cynthia Kuhn describes study drugs as informally termed- medical grade stimulants that affect the brain’s “reward center” (Kuhn, 136). a. Sub-Sub point: Specifically, the 2008 edition of Prescription Drug Addiction by Rod Calvin, defines these compounds as “drugs that stimulate the central nervous system, increase mental alertness [and] decrease fatigue…” (Colvin, 13). i. Sub3 point: In other words, they chemically affect the brain and increase its ability to focus beyond its normal capabilities.

Transition: So, we just reviewed a simplified definition of what a study drug is, and I will now cover what types there are.

B.Main Point: There are 2 main types of study drugs that I will cover today, amphetamine grade and methylphenidate.

1. Sub Point: Amphetamine is the first type and most common, and it is the chemical...
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