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Topics: Cocaine, Morphine, Opioid Pages: 10 (1717 words) Published: November 27, 2012
1. Which of the following statements most accurately represents the use of plant-based psychoactive substances? A. Plant-based psychoactive drugs are uncommon today and rarely used. B. Today marijuana is the only plant-based psychoactive substance that is still used. C. All plants that yield psychoactive substances are illegal today. D. About 4,000 plants yield psychoactive substances, and the vast majority are not illegal.

2. The Gin Epidemic…
E. is a myth
F. was brought under control through high taxes and the strict regulation of the sale of gin G. devastated the Middle East
H. is a current problem

3. The British encouraged the planting of hemp in the new American colonies for which of the following reasons? I. to provide England with strong fibers from which it could make rope and sails for its ships J. to produce psychoactive drugs derived from cannabis that could be sold to other countries K. to ensure that the colonists would be high most of the time and therefore easier to control L. as a means of payment to slave laborers

4. Listed below are three different sequential variations of drugs in the opiate family. Which one accurately represents the order in which the drugs were discovered and used (from left to right, representing oldest to newest drug forms). M. opium, heroin, morphine

N. morphine, opium, hydromorphone
O. opium, morphine, heroin
P. hydromorphone, morphine, heroin

5. According to the authors of Uppers, Downers, All Arounders, a psychoactive drug is defined as… Q. any substance that directly alters the normal functioning of the central nervous system R. any substance that is illicit or illegal

S. those substance that cause numbness and drowsiness
T. those substances that cause increased energy and alertness

6. The most rapid route of administering a drug to reach the brain is intravenously. U. true
V. false

7. To titrate a drug means to continuously regulate the amount of drug you are receiving. W. true
X. false

8. The physical, mental, and emotional effects a person experiences from taking psychoactive drugs are caused by the modification or mimicking of the neurotransmitters’ function. Y. true
Z. false

9. A person’s level of emotional and physical stress can increase the ability of psychoactive drugs to cross the blood-brain barrier. [. true
\. false

10. Active transport occurs when fat-soluble drugs pass from an area where there is a higher concentration of a drug to an area of lower concentration. ]. true
^. false

11. Passive transport occurs when water-soluble drugs such as cocaine cross the blood-brain barrier by hitching a ride on molecules that cross the blood-brain barrier. _. true
`. false

12. Regardless of which method a person uses to consume a psychoactive drug, the drug reaches the brain through the bloodstream. a. true
b. false

13. The more rapidly a psychoactive drug reaches its central nervous system target, the less the reward and the lower the reinforcing effect. c. true
d. false

14. The central nervous system is composed of the spinal cord and the brain. e. true
f. false

15. The compulsive gambler’s reward/control pathway in the brain becomes hijacked similar to the ways the brain becomes rewired from alcohol and other drug addiction. g. true
h. false

16. On which part of the body does long-term use of stimulants (e.g., nicotine, cocaine, and methamphetamine) have the most significant impact? i. skeletal system
j. muscular system
k. digestive system
l. cardiovascular system

17. The neurotransmitter most often involved in the use of strong stimulants is dopamine, which triggers feelings of… m. hunger...
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