Informative Speech Outline for Drums

Topics: Drum kit, Drum, Drummer Pages: 3 (823 words) Published: July 23, 2011
Drumming! A history of drums and drumming from past to present. General Purpose: To inform the class about the history of drums and drumming. Specific Purpose: At the end of my informative speech, I would like everyone to understand where drums came from and how they are used today. Thesis: Drums give the world of music rhythm. Without drums and drum beats, I believe that music today would not be as good as it is currently. Introduction:

A. How many in here like to listen to music? How many actually focus on specific parts of a song? Have you ever stopped and really listened to the drums? B. The relevance of this is that everyone loves music. Drumming is part of making music. C. I've been very interested in drumming for many years. I've played drums in many bands, and have spent countless hours researching drum kits, the history of drumming, how drums are made. D. The 4 main points I'd like to make are:

a. 1.) Where did drumming originate?
b. 2.) How did "modern" drumming begin and what is considered a modern drum set? c. 3.) Why is it important to know what kind of wood drums are made of? d. 4.) Why drums are important to music today?

A. My first point is to explain where drumming most likely began (What are some," ). 1. In reality, it's almost impossible to determine where the drum originated. According to one website, drums "originated in West Africa, probably around the 9th century in the Mali Empire. This family of ancient drums is generally referred to as the dunun, and includes the doundounba, the sangban, and the kenkeni. 2. “The doundounba is the largest of the three, and as such plays deep, resounding notes, usually spaced widely apart when played in conjunction with other drums. The sangban is the middle drum, and usually takes on the rhythmic role in a dunun ensemble. The kenkeni is the smallest of these ancient drums, and is usually played rather quickly in a...
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