Early Civilizations Matrix

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Ancient Civilizations Matrix


Early Civilizations Matrix
Using your readings and outside sources complete the following matrix. Be sure to address the following in your matrix: •Provide names, titles, dates, brief descriptions of important events, and other details as necessary. •Note the details of key political, socioeconomic, technological, artistic, musical, architectural, philosophical, and literary developments for each civilization listed in the table, which were evidenced in the humanities. Be sure to properly cite the sources that you use in completing this matrix.

CivilizationPoliticsSociety/ EconomicsTechnologyArtMusicArchitecturePhilosophyLiterature Prehistoric Man ruled their own actions; this is divided into three eras, Stone age, Iron Age and Bronze age.People lived in caves and hunted for food including farming, with time evolved into living in Stone made houses People adored the nature as Gods.They used Rocks sharp to cut and animals skin for clothing, began to use, later on began using fibers for clothing then evolved to metal armor and even metal knives.Man Does what is Known to be as the first Graffiti or painting in caves, petroglyphs and stone carvings, tieh time evolving to geroglyphs and cave paintingsSome people theorize about some kind of drums handmade to use for music, Th human voice was used to manifest emotions and Animal like sounds, Even clapping as percussion and stones.Man Used Caves and nature, then evolved into creating stone based homes and architecture. Using Mud soil and stones.Man lived with their resources and constantly understood the way things could be used to help him live.Men would read Geroglyphs and paintings later on evolving into what they saw they draw making them learn about what they see everyday displayed on drawings and petroglyphs. Mesopotamian Assyria Babylon and Persian

These were dominated by a monarch that controlled armies and justice he controlled the religion rituals with priests.In the society the monarch is the one and only he dominates all the peoples decisions and lives, Religion was part of rituals which they adored they had People, royalty and a laws code Called the laws of Hammurabi. The religion was based on nature as Gods and it is being said they adored them with figurines.They evolved in these areas as into knowing astronomy, medicine and surgery. It is also a remarkable fact that in the Mesopotamian era they worked with calculus and the written language even said to have Libraries made.In this era people made arts about life by using Epic poems, Beautiful paintings and construction of figurines for the Gods. Instruments of Ancient Mesopotamia include,harps,flutes reed pipes, and drums. They started using scales and chords to manifest music with distinctive sound and styles.In these Mesopotamian made Different types of structures one of them known as ziggurats which they were used as a temple where they adored Gods and their monarch they used marble, gold, Lapis and alabaster. They had a palace where it is known to be the resting place around the monarch. They created walls for protection and tombs for the dead as a way of respecting them for the afterlife.

Philosophy was a very important part of the civilization in this era as it was the most important part for justice in the Hammurabi code; people had a way of dealing with life situations in a very strange but philosophical way, respecting the Gods and their beliefs.Epic Poems, numbers, drawings different type of paintings and prayers to the Gods were established. These were like a way of marketing for the monarch and the religion. Ancient EgyptianPharaohs, Lord of the two lands. Represented The gods on earth and was known as the high priest owned all of the lands and made decisions of law. Example Tutankhamen 1334-1323 B.C. People were farmers, scribes and craftsmen. Also they were nobles...
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