Informative Speech on Tourette

Topics: Tourette syndrome, Tic, Obsessive–compulsive disorder Pages: 2 (365 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Specific Purpose
* To inform my audience about Tourette syndrome.
Central Idea
* To inform my audience what Tourette syndrome is, what causes Tourette syndrome, and how to treat Tourette syndrome. Introduction
I. Over 200,000 Americans have Tourette syndrome.
A. TS patients are often undiagnosed
B. 15% of TS patients experience extreme effects
C. Men are three times more likely to have TS than women
II. Tourette Syndrome
A. What it is
B. What causes it
C. How to treat it
I. What Tourette Syndrome is
A. Neurobiological disorder. Closely related to OCD.
1. Involuntary tics – sudden movements
a. Eye blinking, shoulder shrugging, facial twitches
2. Vocal outbursts
a. Throat clearing, sniffing, tongue clicking.
B. Symptoms change periodically
1. Intense for a week, not intense for a week
C. Develops before 21 years of age
1. Occurs between the ages of 5 – 18 years old
D. Not very serious
1. Low amount of people have extreme effects
2. Productive lives and normal life span
3. Much success
II. What causes Tourette Syndrome
A. No exact cause has been found
B. Considerable evidence is the lack of metabolism in the brain chemical, dopamine C. Inheritable
D. Stressful environments increase symptoms
III. How to treat Tourette Syndrome
A. Medication
1. Some patients refuse to take because of drowsiness
2. Affects patients very differently
3. Takes awhile to find the right medication
4. Many medications available,
5. No specific medication is for TS
B. Counseling
1. Most patients don’t because symptoms aren’t extreme C. Relaxation techniques
1. Yoga
2. Bathes
When did you develop TS?
* 5 years old, mom didn’t believe her, finally diagnosed at 17. Is there anything you do to help decrease the tics?
* Anything that decreases stress such as a bath, yoga or wine. Medication called Celexa –...
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