Informative Speech

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Informative Speaking
These directions expand upon but do not replace the information in the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules. The contest director should read Sections 1000, 1003, and 1004 of the Constitution, then read these guidelines for additional details. See also the Academic Quick Reference Chart, found in the appendix and on the UIL website. Before the meet

Regional Advisory Committee (Region)
The League office appoints a committee of speech and debate coaches to advise and assist the regional contest director before, during, and after the meet. A list will be sent in late fall. Include these committee members in conducting a planning meeting for regional competition several weeks prior to the regional contest. Their knowledge and insight will help ensure a smooth contest day. Rooms

• Contest assembly room
• Preparation room where topics are drawn* (shared room with Persuasive Speaking) • A separate room for each section in the preliminary round • Tabulation room (may be shared with other speech events) Mat at erials and Equipm ent

The contest director provides the following:
• Stopwatch and time cards for each section
• Copy of current Constitution and Contest Rules
• Computer software for tabulating results: download in advance from the speech page of the UIL website. (See Tabulating results.) Contest Pac ac ket
The League office provides the following.
• Individual evaluation sheets
• Master Ballots/instructions to judges
• Timekeeping Record Sheet
• Judges’ Ranking Sheet for a panel of judges
• Topics (four sets for prelims and one set for finals) mailed under separate cover just prior to meet • (Region) State Meet information cards for state qualifiers (5) • (Region) “No-Show” form
• (Region) Regional Meet Evaluation
Since informative and persuasive speakers use the same files, they must share the same preparation room. You can also use this room as an assembly and draw room. I
nventory all materials well in advance to make sure you have what you need. If necessary, feel free to photocopy any of the UIL forms you may require. 62
• Sufficient number of competent and objective judges (1, 3, or 5 per section) At minim
um, judges should be high school graduates.
• Chairperson/Timekeeper (1 per section)
• Tabulation room staff (2-3)
• Prep room monitors (2-3) and supervisor(s) of topic selection Substit uti on (Dist rict )
Before the contest begins, students may be substituted for entries on the official district meet online entry form if the substitutes present the contest director with substitute eligibility forms or letters from the superintendent or designated administrator certifying their eligibility. At the conclusion of the meet, submit the letters to the district director. Make sure changes are entered into the Spring Meet Online Entry System. A

lternates (Region)
If a student who has qualified for the regional meet is unable to attend, district officials should notify in writing the alternate (listed on the district results form) who should then be permitted to compete. Only the designated alternate from that district is allowed to fill the empty slot. Sc

If space permits, hold the informative speaking and the persuasive speaking contests at the same time, since contestants may not enter both. Be sure they share the same prep room. Allot two and one-half hours for the preliminary round of these contests. It is critical to stay on schedule since some students may need to go to other events. Arrange for a verification period after the preliminary round and after the final round. S

ectioning Requirements
Section 1003(b)(1) of the C&CR specifies how many sections are required based on the number of contestants entered. Adhering to the Academic Conflict Pattern, this sectioning is mandatory. The chart from the C&CR is reproduced below: No. Entries Preliminaries Participants Advancing to Final Round 1- 8 N N one Final Round

9-16 2...
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