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Topics: War of 1812, United States, James Monroe Pages: 10 (2435 words) Published: October 28, 2010
All questions courtesy of Houghton Mifflin's The American Pageant Guidebook; A Manual For Students, Eleventh Edition, 1998

Chapter 12: The Second War for Independence and the Upsurge of Nationalism, 1812-1824

Where the statement is true, mark T. Where it is false, mark F, and correct it in the space immediately below.

1. Napoleon’s decision to repeal his blockage decrees in response to Macon’s Bill No. 2 demonstrated how he had been successfully manipulated by President Madison.
Madison was manipulated by Napoleon

2. The large western delegation in Congress was not concerned about foreign-policy issues such as Canada and maritime rights. They cared a lot about foreign policy

3. A good deal of western hostility to Britain arose because the war hawks believed that the British were supplying the Native Americans for war.

4. New Englanders opposed the War of 1812 partly because they believed that Canada could be acquired by peaceful negotiation rather than war.
They didn’t want Canada; that was the west

5. Even though they were the group most affected by overseas trade, New England shippers were not interested in confronting Britain on issues for impressments and maritime rights.

6. The America strategy for conquering Canada was brilliant but failed because of a lack of equipments and troops. It was a terrible plan, which explains why they failed

7. Americans naval forces under Perry and Macdonough thwarted Britain-Canadian invasion threats to Detroit and upstate New York.

8. By 1814, British forces were nearly exhausted and eager to make peace. They were on the verge of defeating the USA

9. Clay’s and Calhoun’s plans for an extensive system of federally funded roads and canals were blocked by the western states, which objected to federal involvement in affairs of the state.
Blocked by Republican presidents

10. The “Era of Good Feelings” under President Monroe was a period of sustained economic prosperity. Was not, remember Panic of 1819

11. Because of its wildcat banking practices and land speculation, the West was hit especially hard in the panic of 1819.

12. The Missouri Compromise admitted Missouri to the Union as a free state, in exchange for the admission of Louisiana as a slave state. Missouri was a slave state, Maine was a free state

13. John Marshall’s Supreme Court rulings generally defended the power of the federal government against the power of the states.

14. Secretary of State John Quincy Adams successfully acquired both Oregon and Florida for the United States. Oregon was jointly occupied w/ Britain

Multiple Choice
Select the best answer and write the proper letter in the space provided.

1. The greatest American military successes of the War of 1812 came a. in the land invasions of Canada.
b. in the campaign fought around Washington.
c. in the naval battles on the Great Lakes and elsewhere.
d. in the defense of Fort Michilimackinac.

2. Two prominent American military heroes who emerged form the War of 1812 were a. Tecumseh and Henry Clay.
b. Oliver Hazard Perry and Andrew Jackson.
c. Thomas Macdonough and Francis Scott Key.
d. Isaac Brock and John Quincy Adams.

3. The American victory in the Battle of New Orleans proved essentially meaningless because a. General Jackson was unable to purpose the British any further. b. the British continued their attacks on the Mississippi Valley region. c. the people treaty had been signed several weeks before.

d. the British navy retained control of the shipping lanes around New Orleans.

4. The terms of the Treaty of Ghent ending the War 1812 provided a. that there would be a buffer Indian state between the United States and Canada. b. that Britain would stop impressments of American sailors. c. that the United States would acquire western Florida in exchange for guaranteeing British control of Canada. d. that the two sides would stop fighting and return to the...
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