Information Technology Infrastructure Library (Itil)

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  • Published : October 24, 2010
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Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
Shalini Sasidharan
ITIL is a framework to implement ITSM. ITIL standardizes IT operations within a firm, using technology driven processes to achieve business goals, rather than technology being the primary focus. Implementation of ITIL requires a certain extent of technical backing but it is wrong to assume that it is completely cutting edge technology dependent. Although, ITIL implementation streamlines functions, aligns people to specific processes making business operations transparent, ITIL in itself should not become a goal.5 Keywords: ITIL – relevance, structure, advantages and flipsides

Introduction: In today’s service industry, where every organization is trying to outdo the other – the organization that makes an impact on the market significantly is the one who is able to map business goals to customer needs. This is effectively done only if the company can work with a framework where in the business goals are driven by IT. This is where ITIL and ITSM call the shots. ITSM is Information Technology Service Management and ITIL helps to achieve ITSM. ITIL aims at an invisible penetration of Information Technology at every level into the organization for process improvements to optimize man power, technology and money. So why ITIL? Well the rules of business world especially in the troubled economic scenario dictates only profits and cost - cutting. Cost Cutting comes with process efficiency which is where ITIL with its checklists, tasks and procedures can be tailor made to any industry that needs IT support to drive its business. Technology dominated businesses are slowly becoming extinct and ITIL continues to grow in popularity permeating into businesses of every type and size.3

Literature Review:
ITIL Then and Now
In the 1980’s the UK Government's Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) realized the growing dependence of business operations on IT. They also were quick to...
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