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Vinsys IT Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.

ITIL V3  Foundation Course ITIL V3 F d i C
ITIL V3 : conceptual overview

Course Structure
Service Strategy Process orientation Terminology Inputs and outputs Activities Process flow / diagram Process Roles Challenges KPIs

ITIL V3 Overview

Service Design

Service Transition

Service Operation


ITIL V3 Foundation Course Structure

ITIL V3 Foundation training


Vinsys IT Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.

• Service is: 
• a means of delivering value to customer by a means of delivering value to customer by  • facilitating outcomes customers want to achieve • without the ownership of specific costs and risks

• Service management is:
• set of specialized organizational capabilities • for providing value to customers  • in the form of services

• Services may be defined by specifications, but Customer  outcomes are the genesis of services

Role of IT Governance

Corporate Governance i.e. Conformance

Business Governance i.e. Performance

Accountability Assurance

Value Creation Resource Utilization

Enterprise Governance. – a framework that covers Corporate Governance and IT Governance Corporate Governance – it is about promoting corporate fairness transparency and accountability. IT Governance - Leaderships organizational structures and processes that ensure strategies and objectives are achieved.

ITIL V3 Foundation training


Vinsys IT Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.

4Ps in Service Management.

People p


Products/ Technology

Partners/ Suppliers

ITSM – Need and Concepts.

ITIL V3 Foundation training


Vinsys IT Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.

What are Good Practices…
Good practices: Practices that are widely used in industry by  companies getting good results p g gg Reasons to adopt good practice: • Dynamic environments • Performance pressure

Benefits: They help organizations benchmark themselves against  p peers in the same and global markets to close gaps in  g g p capabilities Sources: Public frameworks, standards, proprietary knowledge  of individuals and organizations, community practices, etc.

Sourcing Good Practices
Standards Industry practices Sources (Generate) Academic research Training & education Internal experience Employees Customers Suppliers Advisors Technologies Enablers (Aggregate)

Substitutes Drivers (Filter) Regulators Customers

Competition Compliance Commitments Scenarios (Filter)

Knowledge fit for business objectives, context, and purpose

ITIL V3 Foundation training


Vinsys IT Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Processes, Roles & Functions
Processes: • A process is a set of coordinated activities  • • • •

combining and implementing resources and capabilities  combining and implementing resources and capabilities in order to produce an outcome which, directly or indirectly, creates value  for an external customer or stakeholder

Roles: • A set of responsibilities 
• defined in a process  • and assigned to a person or team

One person or team may have multiple roles p y p Functions: • Functions are units of organizations  • specialized to perform certain types of work • and be responsible for specific outcomes

Process Model
Process Control Process Policy Process Owner Triggers Process Documentation Process Objectives Process Feedback


Process Activities Process Inputs Process Procedures Process Work Instructions Process Enablers

Process Metric

Process Roles Process Improvements Process Outputs Including process reports and reviews

Process Resources

Process Capabilities

ITIL V3 Foundation training


Vinsys IT Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Characteristics of Processes

• They are measurable • They have specific results •P Processes have customers h t • They respond to specific events

RACI Model
• Responsible (the “doer”)
• • • • • • • • •

The individual (s) who actually completes the task...
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