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  • Published : October 11, 2011
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OBJECTIVE You have to write, present and submit a Case Study report . The instructions of the case study are described below.

A CASE STUDY You are required to visit an IT Department of a local company. Depending on the type and size of business, you have to gather information regarding Information System (IS) used at one department of the company. 2. Gather information pertaining to the benefits, issues and challenges of using that IS in the company. 3. Elaborate only one of the IS used by the department. 4. Interview the manager who is accountable in managing the IS. 5. Propose better ways on how the company can manage the IS. 6. Propose alternative or possibly provide additional suggestion to improve the current IS. 7. Write and submit report regarding the IS usage at the chosen department. Include in the report the benefits, issues and challeges of using that IS at to the company. You are encouraged to include suggestions on how the IS can be managed better. Alternative IS which is more cost effective and efficient should also be proposed. 8. You need to provide evidence of the interviews such as attaching appropriate photoshoots, questions asked to the manager and answers given by the manager, the manager profile, etc. as appendices of your report. 9. Your case study needs to be presented during the last seminar (for F2F). Therefore, you have to prepare the slides for the presentation. 10. Point 9 above is applicable only to F2F students. The Online students need to email the softcopy version of their presentation slides to their respective Online facilitator. 11. The report needs to be submitted to your respective facilitator in both versions (hardcopy and softcopy). This also applies to Online students as well. 12. The report needs to comply with the following Report Writing Guidelines. 1.



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