Information Technology

Topics: Information technology, Economic growth, Investment Pages: 23 (8557 words) Published: May 28, 2013
A major change has occurred in personal communication and society due to the influence of the information technology. Whereas in the past, information technology was not used every day, but in recent times, it has become the most powerful things to in many people lies. This change can be seen clearly by the census figures to date. For instance, twenty years ago, the internet is not used for communication ; nowadays, the situation is very different and the communication is used by the internet (Salvaggio 1989). Information Technology is an important part of our lives for quite a while, now but only recently, has it truly been felt in the developing world. However, technology is a variety of different things not just the internet. Technology can be found throughout all aspects of our lives, for instance, living room, school, on the street and even in parks. Technology can be found absolutely anywhere and it has a direct impact on and social lies. An important issue related to the influence of information technology on personal communication, is why these influences affect more and more in our social life. This essay will show that Information technology has a positive and negative influence on personal communication. Those influences changed society by affecting the economy, culture, social relations and global relations. Information technology has a great influence on personal communication in many positive ways such as strong relation, no barriers, quick, efficient, time, distance, better solution and development. Information technology has strong impact on personal communication through three main developments. These three developments related to the quality and quantity of communication in the workplace. The first one is Electronic mail, which uses the Internet to transmit and receive computer generated text and documents (Lunenburge 2012). Using e-mail documents can be mailed to anyone. E-mail is very useful in everyday life, but e-mail also has some benefits and drawbacks. Using e-mail message can be sent very quickly to anyone using only a click of a mouse (Lunenburge 2012). However, E-mail has some drawbacks which misinterpreting the message, communicating negative messages, sending emotionally-charged e-mails, privacy concerns and overuse of e-mail (Lunenburge 2012). The second one is an Instant messaging (IM) which permits the sharing of messages with people online without going through the e-mail system. The use of IM is increasing because IM is less expensive than telephone calls and video calls (Lunenburge 2012). Text messaging is a type of IM. Sometimes, it is called Short Message Service (SMS). IM is mainly sent via desktop or computer, whereas SMS is broadcast using a cell phone or handheld devices such as iPhones (Lunenburge 2012). The last one is social networking and web blog in which information can be entered by employees and seen by other employees. Social networking is a flow of information technology. Using social networking, information can be appreciated by the other employees (Lunenburge 2012). Web blogs are online journals or journal invented to convey their opinions and comments on matters of interest. In today's world, no barrier is a common word for everyone because information technology has developed more and more and everyone is connected with these words using the Internet (Hearst 1991). The information technology is used to contact with people in the world. In the previous years, there is no phone or internet in society that time it is very difficult to contact or chat (Webster 1995). When individuals leave their hometown, they cannot immediately contact with their friends or relatives. However, nomatter where we are, it is very easy to contact with others because of information technology. (Bannon, Barry & Holst 1982). Information technology depends on four factors, which are very important for enthusiastic personal communication. The first one is time which is an important...
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