Information Technology

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Communicative English
Bachelor of Information Technology

First Year First Semester

Course Description:
This course is designed for the students of BIT level: first year first semester of Purbanchal University who have completed either Diploma level in Engineering or I.Sc. or +2 from any institution recognized by this university. It intends to develop and strengthen in students the basic and communicative skills in the English language with emphasis on speaking, reading and writing.

Course Objectives:
This course intends to develop:
– Skills needed for group discussion, meeting conduction and technical talk. – Intensive and extensive reading skills in technical and non-technical reading materials. – skills in writing description, official letters and letters of application, proposals and formal technical reports.

Course in detail:

Unit 1: Oral communication

A. Fundamentals of effective speaking:
Posture, gesture, facial expression, voice, eye contact, space distancing etc. B. Group discussion on subjects of general and technical interest.


a. Notice preparation
b. Agenda preparation
c. Minutes preparation
d. Meeting conduction

Technical talk

e. Writing complete manuscript for technical talk.
f. Presenting technical talk based on manuscript.
g. Preparing note for technical talk.
h. Presenting talks based on notes.

Unit 2: Reading: Intensive and Extensive

A. Intensive Reading:
a. How to tackle intensive reading materials.
b. Practicing comprehension on prescribed texts.
c. Note making and summary writing
d. Practice on contextual grammar.
B. Extensive Reading:
a. How to tackle extensive reading materials.
b. Practicing extensive reading.

Unit 3: Writing

Fundamentals of effective writing:
Unity, coherence, conciseness, clarity.
Description writing:
Mechanical, electrical or electronic objects, tables, graphs, harts landscape, technical process.


Official Letters
Standard letter formats.
Writing letters for asking and giving information giving instruction, letters of request, apology and explanation, complaint and order. Letters of application
Standard format
Preparing Bio-data and Resume
Writing letters of application

Proposal Writing

Format for technical proposals
Writing technical proposals
Technical Repost Writing
Format for technical reports
Writing technical reports

Prescribed Book:
1. English for engineers and Technologists 2 Orient logman, Anna University, Chennai 1990, (Reading and language focus all and oral and writing as mentioned in the syllabus)

1. Adhikari Usha, Communicative Skills in English, Research training unit, Department of Science and Humanities, Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus, 2000. 2. Anne Eisenberg, Effective Technical Communication, Mc. Graw-Hill, 1982. 3. K.W Houp and T.E pearsall, Reporting Technical Information, 5th Edition Machmillan Publishing Company, New York, 1984. 4. Leech, G Savartivk, J., A Communicative Grammar of English, ELBS 1975 5. Collins Cobuild English Dictionary, New Edition, Harper Collins PUblishers 1995. Mathematics I

Bachelor of Information Technology

First Year First Semester

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