Information Management on Wal-Mart

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Information Resources
Wal-Mart is one of the largest retail stores in the United States and has over 3,700 stores and others internationally as well. This is one of the most successful areas that Wal-Mart has accomplished in, having the largest retail base in the country and even through this successfulness there is still more room to develop new ideas to ensure that this continues to stay one of the largest retail stores and also increase the numbers domestically and internationally at the same time. Being able to understand the way Wal-Mart uses information sources within their marketing strategies will be a great way to determine how they got where they are now and how they can continue to be so successful. Marketing Resource Information

One of Wal-Mart’s highly used marketing sources is how they use public relations. Wal-Mart is known for taking a part of charity events and has marketed itself as a community based institution among the many years. Since Wal-Mart has marketed the company as a fair employer, being able to provide to employees with insurance plans, Wal-Mart has not only a great internal marketing tactics but Wal-Mart also has a great way to market externally. Being that Wal-Mart has marketed itself by provided a shopping experience that no other competitor business does, offering groceries and other merchandise. The biggest marketing tactic that Wal-Mart has is this experience they offer to every customer that comes into their store, from being greeted at the front door by welcoming greeters to having specific employees in certain departments that have also been cross trained to be able to assist the needs of various customers that come into the store. A distribution channel was established by Wal-Mart to help increase their marketing tactics, and having a distribution channel was a way to help market their business in a way that was very hard to match amongst other competitors....
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