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Expository Essay - Influenza Vaccine
Wendy G. Hill
May 15, 2011
Susan Dietrich

Expository Essay - Influenza Vaccine
The Influenza virus can infect any age group of people. The influenza infection rate is the highest among children between the ages of one and three. According to the CDC from October, 2010 to the present there have been 91 deaths among pediatrics in the United States. The yearly influenza vaccine may have a few minor side effects for some individuals, but it still has many benefits for everyone. In order for people to decide whether the influenza vaccine is right for them or their families, they need to know some of the basics about influenza viruses. Influenza viruses are spread by having contact with someone or something that has the influenza virus. When a person has a confirmed case of the influenza virus, the individual can spread the virus to others by not covering when he or she coughs or sneezes and by not washing his or her hands and keeping containers or tissues around that may contain vomit, sputum or nose secretions (Center for Disease Control, 2010, Oct.). The four types of vaccines available to any individual who would want to obtain the vaccine for preventive measures. The first one is, Whole virion inactivated vaccine, and this has complete viruses which are not alive. This one is not infectious and once injected keeps their antigenic properties. The second one, Subunit inactivated vaccine; this is made up of surface antigens only usually a H or N surface strain. This one is usually not very effective. The third one; Split-virion inactivated vaccines, has a disrupting agent that breaks up the viral structure of the viruses used and it contains both the internal and surface antigens. The fourth and final vaccine; Live attenuated, cold adapted vaccine, contains live viruses and can only multiply in cooler nasal passages. This vaccine is administered as a nasal spray and can only be given to healthy children...
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