Flu Vaccines

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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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Do you remember when you went to the doctor to get your vaccines? The contents within that big pointy needle is just what your body needs to fight off infections such as influenza, or better known as the flu. Influenza is an infection that affects your respiratory systems such as your throat, nose, and lungs. This infection could cause a mild to severe illness that could kill you. So it is very important to get your flu shots every year. Every year there is always a new flu shot, so which year was the flu shot most effective? Influenza is a very complicated disease that breaks down to many levels and its hard to tell whether the vaccine given to you will be effective or not. With new technology we are able to track them and I believe that the most recent recorded flu shot will be more effective than past shots, because we are becoming more advanced in science and in medicine that better cures are being invented. Every year there is a new vaccine, but do we really know which is more effective. Influenza is broken down into three different types: A, B, C. Type A and B both affect humans and mammals and can be broken down to two subtypes based on their proteins: H and N. Subtype H uses its protein to hold on to your bodies cells, while subtype N spreads the infection through your body. Type A and B evolve genetically, and continues to change amino acid (acids that your body can produce intentionally or not intentionally) in the H and N proteins, which then makes it more difficult for you to fight off this infection. Type C only affects humans and causes mild infections. The flu shot contains three virus strains to help you fight the flu. Two of them are subtypes from both type A and B. These strains are the biological form of the flu, and having them in your body they create a stronger immune system. Then your body will be able to fight off infections that are found in those virus strains. The vaccines goes through a process called DNA sequencing where they search...
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