Managed Care Philosophy and Initiatives Directed at Prevention and Health Maintenance. the Nature of the Problem of Vaccinations and Access to Vaccines Relative to Prevention and Health Maintenance. the Steps Taken to

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  • Published: January 6, 2010
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Introduction. Managed health care is a system that is used to control the financing and the method of delivery of healthcare services to those individuals who are enrolled is specific types of healthcare plans such as Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO). Managed healthcare main goal is to ensure that the care that is received by the patient is not just routinely done so that the providers are making a high profit but to ensure that providers are delivery a high quality of care that is also cost effective. Managed care philosophy and initiatives directed at prevention and health maintenance within the managed health care. The manage care philosophy was designed with the intent of placing emphasis on the maintenance of health rather than performing expensive interventions. The operators of the managed care plans are paid a specific amount of money per month for each patient to provide them with a clean bill of health so to speak. It is important that these organizations put themselves in the position where they are focusing on the prevention of certain illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes among others.

The nature of the problem of vaccinations and access to vaccines relative to prevention and health maintenance. Health maintenance organization (HMO) is also in the business that I would term as preventative medicine, vaccination of patients can be classified as a prevention measure. Having access to vaccines takes into consideration the patients access to medical care. Some individuals however are classified as disadvantageous in relation to access to care, for example elderly, less education and African Americans. Vaccinations are a main constituent of preventative medicine; some studies indicated however that effort should be placed on improving and maintaining the safety and access of vaccines across the various age groups and ethnicities. There are also several controversies regarding the vaccination of children and many parents continue to refuse to have their children vaccinated. Another study showed that during the winter of 1997-1998 the need for influenza vaccination delivery was painfully clear when there was a high rate of respiratory illness which led to a critical shortage of bed s and mass congestion in the emergency departments. With such major scare the local hospital and the Department of Health launched a collaborative program to increase influenza vaccine coverage in the community. This was done by increasing the number of individual that were vaccinated which would result in a close moderation of the severity of lower respiratory tract illness during the winter season. To accomplish this however certain procedure will have to be in place for example to public needs to be aware of the providers intent and plan of action have to be in place to enhance the delivery of the vaccine. The steps taken to improve quality. It is important steps are taken to increase the rates of immunization while ensuring a safe delivery. The immunization records should be maintained at least at federal level for a long period of time. It is believed that the introduction of the point-of-service data entry there was a big increase in the quality of immunization. There was also an introduction of an automated immunization due reminder and a monthly report to several providers on the patient’s immunization status. There was also a comparison of the immunization rate per provider. Several programs were put in place to ensure that vaccination is delivered to as many individual as possible, for example there was an attempt to reduce the number of individuals that was unvaccinated by having a delivering the vaccines to patients regardless of their ability to pay. Improving vaccine from a clinical point of view takes into consideration the efficacy of the vaccine which is studied using the FDA approved research that evaluates whether or not the vaccine actually protects...
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