Influences in the Classroom

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Dorothy Reed
March 31, 2013
EDU- 450
Stacey Concepcion

Influences in the teaching environment
In my experiences as being a head start teacher for eight years, I have seen a lot of different classroom conditions that hindered the children’s learning, as well as behaviors that contributed to the teacher not being able to teach the students that really want to learn.

The ten negative conditions or behaviors that I have seen in my years are as follows. Fighting
Not sharing
Not following directions Hiding from the teachers Hitting teachers Yelling in the classroom Children not sitting during group time Biting

Throwing toys or other objects Breaking the school toys when mad or upset These negative conditions or disruptive behavior will cause the function of the classroom to become chaotic for other students that want to learn, as well as for the teachers that are trying to teach.

The first disruptive behavior I will talk about is fighting. Some students have never been in a classroom setting and have to adjust to the rules they have to follow. Some children will come in fighting other children because they want to have their way. This also ties in with the sharing with your friends that I have down. They may have been the only child and is not use to sharing things. They will fight for what they want from another child. This causes disruptive behaviors in the classroom. This behavior also causes the teacher to have to stop teaching and deal with the behaviors of the children that are fighting and not sharing. These types...
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