Cyp Core 3.7

Topics: Poverty, Health, Childhood Pages: 11 (3879 words) Published: February 6, 2013
CYP Core 3.7: Understand how to support positive outcomes for children and young people

Social factors
Personal choice
Some families decide that they do not wish to live or act in a way in which is viewed as normal. For instance a child may be from a travelling family. The outcome of this factor is that there are people which may not be able to relate to the child or young person’s families views. If a Child is from a travelling family there is a possibility that their development at school may be delayed due to being transferred from school to school. Poor parental supervision and neglect

All children need a routine and a loving family home. Without these there may be conflict at their school because they do not know or understand acceptable boundaries. They may have vague view of their own abilities and may believe they are allowed to do what they want because they do not know any different. Lack of boundaries could result in them becoming involved in crime and anti-social behaviour. Neglect could lead to health problems through malnutrition. They may struggle to form social relationships because of their lack of personal hygiene. Poor clothing could lead to bulling and teasing, causing them to be withdrawn and become isolated. Offending or anti-social behaviour

Children who miss behave and break the law may run the risk of being expelled from school. Also there is a possibility that their family could be evicted from their social housing accommodation. A child could be taken into care for various reasons such as a parent could be in prison.. The child may perceive the behaviour as normal or acceptable. It may result in them making some bad personal choices.

Disability - if there is a parent or a child in the family that has a disability, this could affect the family especially if the child is used as a carer for their parents.  In some cases respite care may be needed for families with family members that are disabled and this can cause family disruptions and inconsistency in a young person’s care especially if the respite care is for overnight visits away from home. Health support - whilst a child or family member is receiving support for healths issue this could possibly affect continuity of care, education, development and income. Addictions

The impact on addictions can be varied. They can suffer health problems if their mother had a drug or alcohol problem during pregnancy. They may suffer from neglect, abuse or violence. If they have younger siblings they may find themselves responsible for their care and therefore may suffer stress and feel isolated. They may feel scared and find it difficult to speak to people for fear of getting in trouble or going into care. They may ultimately find themselves in care if the addiction results in their parents being unable to care for them.

Bereavement and loss
If a family loses a member of the family or a close friend this could affect the mental and in turn physical health of a family. Adults that have lost their partners may find the emotional strain difficult to cope with and may then find it more difficult to care for other children in the family. This can leave a child feeling very insecure and frightened. They may become quiet and withdrawn. They may become very emotional, clingy and tearful or become violent and abusive. They may feel angry, let down and abandoned. Their work and concentration at school may suffer as a result of any stress and worry they may be feeling. They may suffer poverty as a result of a fall in the household income and also suffer a dramatic change in lifestyle that leaves them confused. Economic factors

Families that live in poverty are more likely to suffer mental and physical problems and therefore may not be able to provide for their child. Poverty can result from low income, unemployment, parental separation, illness or disability, addictions, or criminal activities. Children may suffer malnutrition or a...
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