Influence of Sales Promotion on Purchase Decision

Topics: Regression analysis, Logistic regression, Marketing Pages: 9 (3095 words) Published: June 14, 2012
2011 International Conference on Financial Management and Economics IPEDR vol.11 (2011) © (2011) IACSIT Press, Singapore

The Influence of Sale Promotion Factors on Purchase Decisions: A Case Study of Portable PCs in Thailand Rangsan Nochai 1 and Titida Nochai 2
Administration and Management College, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Ladkrabang, Bangkok 10520, Thailand, 2 Department of Business Data Analysis, Faculty of Science and Technology, Assumption University, Hua Mak Campus, Bangkok, 10240, Thailand, 1

Abstract. The aim of this research is to investigate the sale promotion factors that impact on consumers’ purchasing decision on Portable PCs or notebooks in Thailand. This study was designed to use the survey research method and the convenience sampling technique was used in collecting the sample data. Questionnaires were distributed to qualified respondents in Commart Thailand 2011 Event at Queen Sirikit Convention Center on 17th – 20th March 2011. A total of 191 respondents were participated in this study. The data were analyzed and summarized with SPSS software and binary logistic regression analysis was used to examine which sale promotion factors that impact on consumers’ purchasing decision of Portable PC Acer and Compaq & HP. The results of this research is indicated that the sale promotion factors “Offer member card for discount” , “Extend warranty period” , “Bundled with scanner” , “Billboard, radio, leaflet, and magazine”, and “Able to pay by installments” are the important factors that impact on consumers’ purchasing decision on Portable PCs. Furthermore, the researcher found that the marketer can enhance more effectiveness of customers need, increase customer base and make more market shares in this segmentation by using sale promotion strategies about developing member card for discount, increasing the number of advertising media, warranty period conditions, setting the special premiums, and how to pay by instalments. These strategies should be developed continuously. Keywords: Sale Promotion Factors, Binary Logistic Regression Analysis, Portable PCs, Notebooks

1. Introduction
In today's world, computers are useful and powerful tools for performing various tasks in work, school, and home settings, and computer that use there is both Desktop PC and Portable PC. The International Data Corporation (IDC, 2010) reported in July 2010 that the yearly growth rate for the worldwide PC market in 2009 was 2.9%. Portable PCs remained the key market driver, with shipments increasing 18.4% in 2009 compared to 2008. Consumer purchases of portable PCs were the sole driver of the market, growing at 38.5%. IDC report (2009) mentioned that in 2009 the average household in the Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) region has two PCs and bought a mininotebook as an additional PC. Among the survey respondents, 60% indicated that they would still purchase a regular notebook as their next PC. Most respondents indicated that the length of warranty and after-sales support were the most important factors influencing their decision in purchasing a new PC. On the other hand, PC brand and store location were among the least important concerns when purchasing a new PC. According to IDC (2010) reported in July 2010, PC market grew 15% sequentially and 36% year-onyear in 2Q10 to reach 27 million units. IDC report in October 2010 mentioned that HP was the number one of market share numbers in worldwide with 91.5 million units. It was followed respectively by HP (15.6 million), Acer (11.6 million), Dell (11 million), Lenovo (9.2 million), and ASUS (4.8 million) in year 2010. PC& Associates Consulting in Thailand (2011) reported that Acer Thailand still as a leading and No. 1 brand in overall PC market quantity with 18 per cent growth. Notebook computer sales alone soared 22 %. At the 130

global level, Acer reached second spot in worldwide PC market ranking in the 3rd...
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