Influence of Entertainment Media on American Culture

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Influence of Entertainment Media Paper
There are many countless ways that entertainment media has shaped American culture. One way of various forms of entertainment media that shaped American culture and its values is that the media has brought about creativity in all people making them realize what the culture is all about. The media has also educated many people on how to take care of themselves like in health and lifestyle. Celebrities influence our society every day. In this society celebrities have a large impact on people life. Celebrities even have this weight loss thing going on, as if it’s not ok to be overweight. With the development of new technologies and media, like mass reproduction and the widespread use of computers, artists have increasingly engaged with the fabric of daily American life. The industry has also brought about many talents in America, ones that have boosted people's lifestyles.

In the late 19th century, Americans who enjoyed the arts usually lived in big cities or had the money to attend live performances. People who were poor or distant from cultural centers settled for second-rate productions mounted by local theater troupes or touring groups. New technologies, such as the motion-picture camera and the phonograph, revolutionized the arts by making them available to the masses. The movies, the phonograph, and, somewhat later, the radio made entertainment available daily and allowed Americans to experience elaborately produced dramas and all types of music. While mass media made entertainment available to more people, it also began to homogenize tastes, styles, and points of view among different groups in the United States. Class and ethnic distinctions in American culture began to fade as mass media transmitted movies and music to people throughout the United States. Some people criticized the growing uniformity of mass culture for lowering the general standard of taste, since mass media sought to please the largest number of...
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