American Culture and Visual Entertainment Media

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  • Published : June 16, 2013
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American Culture and Visual Entertainment Media
Michele A. DiSanto
April 25, 2013

Elizabeth Veucasovic
University of Phoenix

In our society as individuals Social Media, Television, and movies has changed in how we interact in our everyday lives. This new technology has a changed our American cultures many of the ways, today we do not follow the traditional and proper ethics we once lived by. It has also had a huge impact on the way we communicate with others; Facebook and Twitter have become the communication outlets for our society. Facebook has three ways it is possible to share your information: friends only, friends of friends, or everyone (Albanesius, 2010). This establishes what type if privacy you prefer when an individual want to view your profile (Albanesius, 2010). Although it has caused our younger generation to display content that is unethical. This generation has also become quite materialistic, causing them to want the top name brands to keep up with their peers, at all costs in some cases. Teens have hurt other individuals recorded this event, and then post this on these social media sites for their own satisfaction, not thinking about the life altering affects this would have on the individuals. In some cases the result has been suicide. In this case there have been many negative effects to individuals with no regard to others. These advancements have also affected the movies and television we watch today. There are no longer just the basic networks, cable television is now the only way we can receive television. Cable television has broadened the spectrum in a wide range of changes in the ways our programs are viewed today. The content of visual entertainment drastically has changed in the content in the television shows and movies because of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and its protection. They have become quite graphic and explicit. Our children are experiencing information that is not...
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