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Before visiting the organization we thought to first know what actually small scale industries are and why they are called small scale industries when their turnover or profit can be at par to medium industries & then we found out that where in large scale industries there can be a large number of workforces here the work is mainly handled by hired labor usually 10-50 hands. There are certain criteria regarding the fixed capital investment which should not exceed 100 lakhs including the plant setup according to government norms. Keeping these two major points in mind we visited Pioneer Packing Products which fulfilled the mentioned criteria. SNAPSHOT OF PIONEER PACKING PRODUCTS

Pioneer packing products was established in the year 1994 under the proprietorship of Smt. M.K. Saluja established with the main objectives of promoting trade, commerce and industry connected with corrugated boards and boxes; to promote and advance commercial and technical education of corrugated packaging; to communicate and liaison with the chambers of commerce and other commercial and industrial and public bodies in India and to undertake, encourage and assist Research & Development work with a view to raising the quality standards of corrugated boards and boxes. The company has two units:

(1) Printing unit at 2/2 Industrial area, near main gate. (2) Manufacturing/ Packing unit at 52 H sector, Govindpura Industrial area Bhopal. It deals in two production lines one is the corrugated boxes & the other one is the duplex boxes. (I) NATURE OF PRODUCTION:

They produce two types of products which are as follows:
(a) Corrugated boxes:

Corrugated paperboard containers are extensively used in the packaging of industrial as well as consumer goods. Major products like crockery, automobile components, glassware, pharmaceuticals, soaps and cosmetics, biscuits etc require proper packing. Corrugated boxes are designed to be very strong. They are made of corrugated paperboard, which is different from the stiff paper known as “cardboard.” The edge of corrugated paperboards is a row of air columns which act as a cushion and paper column makes the box strong. These paper columns act as a medium. First a medium is glued between two flat linear sheets & to increase the strength of the box one more medium is glued. Pioneer packing products provides reasonably priced, good quality corrugated boxes to other business units who are their customers. Paper Columns

Air Columns

Linear paper sheets

(b) Duplex boxes:

The Company is engaged in making of plain, printed and embossed duplex boxes which are used for packaging. These duplex boxes can be used to pack pharmaceutical products, ice creams, different electronic goods, soaps & other FMCG products. They also provide duplex boxes in customized sizes and specifications as per the requirements of their clients. The company is known for its good quality, creative design & eco friendly duplex boxes.

(c) Duplex jackets: The half covering over the transparent boxes are called duplex jackets usually used for wrapping sweet & cookies boxes.

(d) Folding boxes: A folding box is made of paperboard, and is cut, folded, laminated and printed and transported to the clients who then while wrapping their product fold the boxes. It’s named as folding box because it can be instantly folded when required in the pre cut shape. These boxes are used for cakes & pastries.

(ii) NATURE OF PRODUCTION: The company follows make to order on priority basis nature of production. The goods are produced depending on the demand from its clients or customers. It also follows batch processing format as the products are manufactured in batches, unless one on-going batch is finished another batch does not start.

(iii) TURNOVER: The turnover of the company varies according to the orders received, since it follows make to order process so the turnover every...
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