Corrugated Box Manufacturing, 5 Tips to Improve Yours

Topics: Corrugated fiberboard, Box, Manufacturing Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Corrugated Box Manufacturing, 5 Tips To Improve Yours

Today, the corrugated box industry is very competitive. Not only do you need to deliver corrugated boxes in record times at unbeatable prices, but with the various technologies available, the standard requirements for corrugated box manufacturers have been set extremely high. You are now expected to deliver flawless, 100% defect-free boxes. In an effort to help you manufacture boxes at the highest possible level, we have gathered together a few important points, learned from over 60 years in the industry.

1) Keep it clean! I'm sure many of you are tired of hearing those three words. But, as many others will tell you, it wouldn't need to be said, if everyone made sure to do it. If you are working with an older glue pot and wheels, you know they tend to generate a little glue slinging. This can affect the quality of the glue joint and create stickers where boxes in the bundle will stick together. Glue pot and wheels can also create adhesive contamination with dust and debris. Additionally, the metered amount of adhesive is hard to maintain to ensure a proper bond. As for adhesive applicators, although they are the cleanest choice, it is important to check them regularly to avoid possible nozzle or applicator clogging.

2) Minimize any possibility of human error. This may seem impossible to some, but it can be done. When working with different sized board panels and speed requirements in the corrugated box industry, it is necessary for the operator to constantly adjust the pattern length and placement in order to keep a consistent and high quality adhesive application. This is a time consuming task; any distraction can cause a mis-adjustment that will result in product loss. It is now possible to upgrade your adhesive application system to a gluing station with automated pattern changes or auto-glue, which ensures a proper glue-lap joint regardless of the length of the tab or panel.

3) Ensure that the...
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