Industrialization Polluting the Earth

Topics: Marine biology, Coral reef, Plant Pages: 5 (1747 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Topic: Industrialization Polluting the Earth
The natural conditions of land, air and water and everything in them are called environment and they play an important role in the survival of humans and every other animal species in it. In 2005 MEA evaluated the health of Earth’s forests, coastlines, inland waters, shrub lands, dry lands, deserts, agricultural lands, and other ecosystems vital to human health and welfare. The forest provides food, shelter and other needs for many terrestrial animals. Coastlines having suitable coral sites for extensive breeding of marine lives and mystical mountain rivers provide fresh drinkable water for terrestrial animals and also nurturing soils along its bank for different plant species, micro-organisms and other complex stationary life on earth. This however clearly enlightens us that the environment is vital for the animals including humans for their survival. However due to changes in time and advancing knowledge, man has gradually degraded the surface of the earth for its unbinding greed and benefits putting to exile the earth’s most innocent dwellers, the terrestrial and marine animals of countless species. It is said that man is the most capable and intelligent species that has the potential whether to build or destroy the world, therefore the massive pollution in the world seen today is done by man. Environmental pollution is the unfavourable alteration of environment from the effects of changes in energy patterns, radiation level; chemical and physical constitution or abundance of organisms. In this essay it will basically focus on the marine and some terrestrial animals at coastlines that are tremendously being harmed by the industrial developments along the seas of a developing country in the South Pacific, Papua New Guinea (PNG). The Pacific islands have long held a fascination for the rest of the world with visions of sandy beaches, palm trees, clear waters, simple healthy life styles and beautiful robust people. In many islands the reality almost matches the imagination. However, this situation is changing rapidly as development activities impact on their limited resources and fragile ecosystem. Most countries in the Pacific are still developing and there are many industrialized activities that are being engaged in, that have exploited their terrestrial and marine life tremendously. The building of industrial sites near seas often means clearing huge tracks of mangroves and changing the flow of water in estuaries. This can lead to death of mangroves, increased siltation and offshore alteration of marine ecosystem. Industries are built near seas probably because their products or goods can easily be transported in or out of the plant site without any further costs on transportations or at times valuable minerals are found under or near the sea. When an industrial plant is prepared for installation, large scales of activities are carried out. Huge hydraulics are used to clear the coast line removing any exposed objects on its way, many mangroves are destroyed during the process. This activity is however catastrophic in the animal world as homes are lost, food sources are destroyed and even many animal lives are deceased. For example the Inter Oil Napa Napa Refinery is an oil refinery plant established in 2004 near the shores of Port Moresby (PNG). The location of the site there once consisted of forests of mangroves which provided home, shelter, security and food for many species of marine animals and some terrestrial animals. An environmental assessment carried out stated that many fishes from that coastline have eventually run out because there were no mangroves, leading to limited food supply. Many fishes migrated to other areas while others died or were being eaten by other bigger fishes as there were no shelters to get shield from. Mangroves are fundamentally important in that they offer a habitat or shelter for plants and animals. Small fish use the tangled...
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