Industrial Relation

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In industrial relation and labour welfare the case studies which we play in different role that helps to identify and analysis about the trade union activities that are following in the industries.

It shows different aspect such as how a trade union problems would be solved by the top management and the labours, in what ways the industries gives important to labour, what are all the procedures to be followed to manage the industrial conflicts, strikes and also to make prevention steps are learned through these case studies.

The role play as a labour in an industry which gives us what are all the welfare measures should be given by both public and private sectors are understood easily.

The case study about the accidents in industry which we played is useful to know about the causes of accident and safety measure to be taken by the top management to the labour. By this we learn how to take a decision regarding such problem arises in the industry.

It helps to learn different role which an industry actually play in their daily life. It made us to feel like working in an industry at a high position and deals all the problems faced by the top management, labour and the trade unions.

It also gives us knowledge about the various laws and acts of government followed in different industries.

The industrial health and hygiene case study is useful to know about health factor, preventive measures of hazards and diseases etc. it also helps us to identify the psychological problem of employees in different levels.

The role different kinds of labour and their union activities which are very harmful one for us to dissolve the child labour in our society. Role play as a child labour in an industry teaches us what are all the problem faced by the child labour in their work.

The educational and the training schemes followed in the different industry, form that we...
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