Individualism vs. Society in "A&P" and "The Lottery"

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Addan St. Jules
Russell, Valerie
MW am
November 28, 2012

Veteran’s In The Workforce: The Trials and Tribulations towards securing A Job

On our planet Earth we are presumed to be the most intelligent species inhabiting this planet. Humans live their lives one tier above animals as we are sophisticated. We have built a foundation on which enables us to live our lives peacefully and stably unlike animals. None the less, we are still animals and we have certain characteristics and tendencies that resemble those of primitive animals such as fighting. Throughout history human beings have fought for what they believe in. As history progressed we have evolved the way we fight and how we fight and what we fight over. These days the way we humans tend to fight is through wars. We wage wars over our beliefs countless times which led us to build great armies in order to win these wars. These soldiers risk their lives fighting so that we as civilians may live in peace. This formula has been recycled throughout history. One would think that a man who is willing to risks his life for safety of his country should be rewarded greatly for his deeds. Which is sadly not the case, what usually happens is these veterans are forgotten once their service is complete. This formula has also been recycled throughout History. Veteran’s in America do not get the respect that they deserve for what they have done. The unemployment rate regarding veteran’s has been at an all-time high and there seems to be a lack of effort to change this. Brent Quinzon was a veteran from the war in Iraq. During the war Brent did two tours in Iraq before leaving active duty in May. After he served his country he came home to seek treatment for depression and anger issues in an Atlanta hospital for veterans. Brent says he finds himself more watchful and on-guard in public situations. Brent has applied for hundreds of jobs since his time being home and unlike many other veterans he got lucky and got...
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