Should Disabled Veterans Get Preferential Treatment over Better Qualified Candidates Who Are Not Disabled

Topics: Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Discrimination, Affirmative action Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: March 6, 2011
Karen E. Wilkerson
Business Ethics 301
Module 4 Case
Dr. Johnny Vanneste

There are many people in this world who don’t understand why veterans sometimes get preferential treatment over, what my appear to be, a better qualified candidate but are not disabled. There is also certain criterion that helps to determine the qualifications of a veteran, who may be already drawing a certain percentage of disability, to the other candidate, who may be fresh out of college. What the world needs to remember is the fact that a veteran has already made a choice to defend his/her country. This, in turn, automatically places the veteran ahead of someone who just chose to go to college. It also depends on what the qualifications of the job consist of. Many veterans come with all sorts of experience. Although the college student may need to work in order to get experience, we can’t ignore the fact that veterans have defended our country so that we, as a whole, can continue to live as well as we do. Honestly, I am glad that there are laws to protect us. People actually don’t understand that disabled veterans really don’t get what they truly deserve for what they have sacrificed to keep this country strong. I am a veteran from Operation Desert Storm. It took me 15 years to qualify for the Montgomery GI bill because of bad paperwork. I still have not qualified for a VA loan that I was supposed to be eligible for from the first time I went because of a bad divorce that I had to go through when I returned. Now I have returned from Operation Iraqi Freedom and I still don’t qualify because I am a single mother and I don’t make enough money because there are no jobs. Is it morally right for us to have to be discriminated against when, although we are alright, we will never be the same? There is no amount of money that can make us forget all that we had to go through. We lost Soldiers that we trained with. We lost Soldiers that died as heroes so that we could make it...
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