Individual Strengths

Topics: Certified Nursing Assistant, Problem solving, Patient Pages: 4 (1088 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Individual Strengths and Problem Solving Techniques Paper
Munica Orange
February 14, 2012
Dr. Donald Collins, Ph.D.

In the current group setting Munica is a part of there is many different dynamics taking place. As a private duty certified nursing assistant, she is often the main caregiver in the privacy of her patient’s home. She also works with a tight knit network of nurses, social workers, doctors, and family members. The skills and strengths as a well trained medical professional have made her place in the group very worthwhile and helpful. She acts as a bridge in between the care of the doctors and the nurses. Some of the main skills are entwined throughout her daily duties. Bathing, dressing, feeding, teeth brushing, and hair combing are only the beginning. Often times she is lifting her patients’ in and out of bed, maybe lifting or carrying them, and assisting them with walking around or to doctor’s appointments. More importantly, she is there to be of immediate help when her patient needs it, take their vital signs and monitor them for progress or deterioration. The physical state and behavior of the patient are important factors in this assessment. She takes care of her patients’ laundry, stocks supplies, and cleans the room of the patient when needed to. The strengths which Munica has brought to the group are compassion, patience, and a deep level of concern for others. She also exudes leadership, integrity, discipline, and control. Her patients’ are a bright rainbow of people from all walks of life. The range from different, ages, races, cultures, ethnicities, and genders. In order to work freely and productively with such diversity, Munica must possess the strong character strengths. Her team of medical professionals have benefited from her strong attributes incredibly. They can rely on her and trust her, knowing that when they are working in the field with other patients, she is...
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