Individual Reflective Report

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Mr Lee Webster MSEC31131 - Individual Reflective Report
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123456Introduction Case Study 1 Case Study 2 Conclusion References Appendix – Learning Diary 6.1 - Week 1 6.2 - Week 2 6.3 - Week 3 6.4 - Week 4 6.5 - Week 5


1. Introduction
I am currently studying Computer Science with Business and Management at The University of Manchester, . I decided to take Enterprise Management for Computer Scientists due to a peer’s recommendation, who explained that this was not a conventional Computer Science course unit. This intrigued me as I feel that the majority of my units throughout university are ultimately tailored to just passing the exam; rather than understanding the subject area and applying it to not only that particular field but other units and aspects of life. Therefore from this course unit I hope to gain an in depth understandings of the underlying concepts covered, and use them not only to benefit my academic life but also my social and ultimately my professional career. Although I feel I am more than capable of learning independently, I do think I work best when operating as part of a team. I personally benefit from peer learning and find discussing a topic with people allows me to understand things differently or, on occasions, reiterate my initial thoughts. I also find it extremely beneficial to my general understanding when I am able to apply theories learnt to real world examples, making topics easier to understand and, ultimately, more interesting.

2. Case Study 1 “PESTEL”
During 'the big poker gamble' case study we were challenged to find information regarding the UK on-line poker market; and based on our findings, attempt to make a rational and educated decision as to whether this market was easy to penetrate for a new business or not. From the outset, the study started to make me think differently; not only about the case study, but about other aspects of my life, as well as introducing me to new techniques and resources available, such as mintel reports. I will briefly touch on some of the key issues raised during the work shop and how, in turn, I will transfer and apply them to other aspects of my life. I shall conclude with a concise evaluation on my learning. The core purpose of a business it to convert inputs into outputs in order to make a profit. Businesses do not exist in a vacuum however, they are part of an external environment and it is this environment which needs to be addressed in order for an organization to accomplish its core purpose. Having previously studied an assortment of Business and Management course units, I was aware of the issues organisations face in relationship to the external environment, as well as the acronym PESTEL, which is widely adopted by businesses as a starting point of the global environmental analysis. However I had never really thought about, nor understood, the true implications associated with either of them. The more information strategists collect and consider in making decisions, the more likely the organisation will perform more effectively (Grinyer and Norburn, 1975). This has never been as true given today’s turbulent business environment. According to studies conducted, firms using advanced systems to monitor external events showed higher growth and profitability than firms that did not have such systems (Subramanian et al, 1993). Organisations have now adopted a continuous scanning method, allowing them to act, and take advantage of opportunities before a competitor does in response to an environmental change. Although the key issues or trends for consideration in the environment vary by industry type and by the state of economic conditions (Glueck, 1980). Generally, economic conditions and competitor analysis tend to be key areas of concern (Aguilar, 1967). Competitor actions directly affect the ability of a business to make a profit, therefore responding to an...
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