Individual Differences Within a Team Charter

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  • Published : December 11, 2009
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Individual Differences within a Team Charter

University of Phoenix

Individual Differences within a Team Charter

At University of Phoenix, Learning Teams play an important role in the accomplishment of collaborating and developing effective leaders (Learning Team Toolkit, 2004). A team charter provides a starting point for the team to identify strengths and weaknesses of each member that will help develop a stronger Learning Team. More specifically, a team charter, is the procedure by which a team meets at the beginning of its processes to describe its mission or task, to set its goals, to secure commitment by members to the achievement of those goals, to plan, and to allocate its resources (Learning Team Toolkit, 2004). Every member of the Learning Team provides to the team charter: contact information, skills to contribute or develop, goals for the assignments or group process goals, ground rules to set up meeting schedules or communication methods and conflict management to overcome between team members. Include the Learning Team member’s personality type, listening skills and trust when creating a team charter to determine strengths and weaknesses. Each member brings to the team varying degrees of personalities, listening skills and levels of trust. An assessment of the Jungian 16-Type Personality revealed that members of the Learning Team B ranged from unconventional to people-oriented to individualistic to good interpersonal skills. Each of these personality types brings a different aspect to the Learning Team that will affect the team charter. For instance, the team members that are unconventional and individualistic might not work as well with the other team members and should be included on the team charter as a skill to develop while the team members who have good interpersonal skills and are people-oriented would bring to the team charter a positive sense of relation to the other members of the team and...
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