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Topics: Marketing, Critical thinking, Logic Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Individual Essay (50%)   The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to reflect on the theory and practice of international marketing. Based on your experience of operating as an international marketing manager, you are required to reflect on the performance of the team in achieving its aims and objectives in the Country Manager Simulation. Pick one or two key issues you have come across in the simulation, and explain how they manifested themselves  during your participation in the Country Manager simulation. Based on your analysis of relevant academic material, critically evaluate your team’s handling of these issues and identify shortcomings (if any) of academic material in guiding international marketing practice .   DO NOT GIVE A DESCRIPTIVE ACCOUN T OF WHAT YOUR TEAM DID.   One printed copy of your essay should be submitted to the MSc Office by 12 noon on Wednesday March 20th  2013   .A soft copy of your plan should be submitted online via WebCT Vista – receipt for your online submission must be provided when handing in your printed copy.  The limit for the main body of the essay is 2000 words (excluding figures, tables, references and appendices). Appendices should be used to provide supporting information, results and analysis.   Assessment for the assignment will be based on your understanding of :   the theories, principles and practical challenges of international market selection and entry decisions   the issues facing marketers in the allocation and customization of marketing resources when operating in different geographic markets.   Ability to   apply a disciplined approach to the analysis of international marketing problems make selective and critical use of academic material to examine international marketing issues present and communicate information in writing and deliver logical arguments.      
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