Indian Gaming in the States

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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Name: Makayla Lemon
NAS M8 Concept and Reaction
Date: 5/7/12

After reading Sia Davis and Jane Feustel's article entitled "Indian Gaming in the States" answer all parts of the following questions (30 points): 1) What is the link between gaming and broader economic development for Native nations? The link between gaming and broader economic development for Native nations is merging the goals of land purchase and maintainable economic development in a small business, providing employment opportunities, promoting economic growth, and increasing their land base. Gaming utilizes traditional values, such as connections to the land and farm customs developing in a way that supports culture and tradition while improving modern ways of life. It also develops and utilizes an approach that makes it able to maintain for future generations while balancing the competing needs of business and the present and future well-being of their own citizens. 2) What are some of the common myths and misunderstandings regarding Indian gaming? A common misunderstanding is that The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) is "a bill that allows select Indian tribes to create businesses that reap millions of dollars in profits and pay no federal income tax at the same time that the tribes collect millions in aid from America taxpayers." This statement reflects the media’s misunderstanding of Indian Tribes as governments. The U. S. Constitution, Congress, and countless Supreme Court decisions recognize Tribes as governments, and like State government lotteries, tribal government operations are not subject to taxation by another government. Another myth is that, Indian gambling is not regulated. Tribal gaming commissions, like State lottery and gaming commissions, serve as the day-to-day regulators. “The commission’s role is to monitor and corroborate, and it is responsible for establishing licensing rules, reviewing yearly audits for gaming operations, approving tribal gaming ordinances...
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