Indian Costumes

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Indian state costumes are exclusive to the region and the culture of the particular state and vary to a great extent. Each Indian state has their traditional costumes and attires that are deeply rooted in the history,religion, tradition, customs and culture of the specific state. Costumes of North Indian State

The primary fibre used in North India is cotton. However, since this part of India experiences winter, woolen clothes are quite common as well. The costumes of Jammu & Kashmir are made of wool, silk with intricate embroideries and cotton. In these mountainous regions, Pheran, the traditional gown, is the most popular form of dressing among both men and women.Costumes of Himachal

Pradesh are different for each community, be it the Hindu Brahmins, the Rajputs, and the tribal people. The soothing suppleness of the renowned Pashmina shawls is the specialty of the handlooms of Himachal Pradesh. Western influence is visible on the costumes of the younger generation of Himachal Pradesh these days .Punjab is famous for the Phulkari, which literally means flower-work, shawls that are worn with a tight-fitting Choli and Gaghra, traditional attire. Although western outfits are worn by Punjabi women, but still the dress materials for Punjabi culture stands out are Salwar Kameez, Saree, and Sharara.

The traditional costumes of Delhi are Churidar or Salwar Kameez Dupatta for women, and Kurtas and Pyjamas for men. Salwar-suits with sequined embroidery or semi-precious stones embroidery, mirror-work, zari work, prints, hand paints, all alluring on excellent fabric is the characteristic of Salwar-Kameez in Delhi nowadays. Costumes of North East Indian State

The Indian state costumes of the North east India stand apart. Ankle length skirts, jackets and traditional caps are a huge draw for the tourists. The costumes of Mizoram bear conspicuous resemblance with that of the other hill-states of the Northeast. Puanchei, the gorgeous attire of Mizo girls is a must during...
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