Indian Mascots

Topics: High school, Native American mascot controversy, College Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Indian mascots
Would you support a mascot if it was based off of an old, well known Indian tribe? By the year 2017 all of Indian mascots will potentially be removed from high schools. How can you have any school spirit if you don’t appreciate the mascot that you have? Collinsville high school, the high school, the high school of champions, should be allowed to keep their infamous mascot, the chief Kahok.

I can see why many people why many people would be offended by schools using Indians or the Indian culture as their school logo, however, the first amendment states that we have the freedom of religion, freedom of speech freedom of press. If you ban Indian mascots from schools it is taking the privilege to freely choose your school’s mascot away. Taking away that freedom will force schools to choose other mascots that will more than likely be offensive to other people. Schools that have Indians for their mascots are not trying to make Indians or their culture look bad. In fact they are representing their heritage. Each school has their own mascot which makes them unique. Despite objections on Indian mascots they should stay in schools because they are harmless and have been around for centuries.

Furthermore, schools everywhere have been using Indian related mascots for centuries. Why should it be different now? If states ban Indian mascots from schools what else are they going to ban? When my grandma went to high school she had an Indian as her school mascot as well. It’s stuck around this long why can’t we keep them longer? Why would we change tradition? The government wants more history in school, getting rid of Indian mascots is limiting students’ knowledge about Indian culture.

Most importantly a school having to change their mascots means reconstruction on their school. They have to order all new t-shirts representing their school, and they have to order new uniforms for all their sports team. Schools like mine don’t have a lot of extra money to re-do...
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